Angoulême vs Agen

When's the game on?

Angoulême play Agen on Friday 8 December at 13:30. The Pro D2 game is to be held at Stade Chanzy.

Where's the match on TV?

This game is not shown on TV in the UK, Ireland or USA

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch Angoulême play Agen anywhere in the world.

Who's going to win?

Angoulême are predicted to win by 6 points at a probability of 67.7%.

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Match Day Squad

Angoulême # Agen
Remi Brosset 15 Jean-Marcellin Buttin
Pierre Lafitte 14 Henry Purdy
Akuila Joeli Tabualevu 13 Harry Sloan
Mathis Lafon 12 Clement Garrigues
Matthys Gratien 11 Iban Etcheverry
Ben Botica 10 Thomas Vincent
Adrien Bau 9 Tane Takulua
Khatchik Vartan 1 Hans Lombard-Buret
Patxi Bidart 2 Clément Martinez
Yassin Boutemanni 3 Alex Burin
Ian Kitwanga 4 Corentin Vernet
Sikeli Nabou 5 Evan Olmstead
Germain Burgaud 6 Matthieu Bonnet
Hubert Texier 7 Valentin Gayraud
Alex Masibaka 8 Martin Devergie
German Kessler 16 Pierre Jouvin
Luca Tabarot 17 Mamik Mstoian
Nicolas Martins 18 Joe Maksymiw
Matt Beukeboom 19 Julien Lebian
Alexis Levron 20 Theo Idjellidaine
Corentin Glenat 21 Emile Dayral
Nasoni Naqiri 22 George Tilsley
Omar Dahir 23 Theo Sauzaret

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