Bayonne vs Clermont

When's the game on?

Bayonne play Clermont on Saturday 17 February at 15:05. The Top 14 game is to be held at Stade Jean Dauger.

Where's the match on TV?

United States:

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Who's going to win?

Bayonne are predicted to win by 5 points at a probability of 67.0%.

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Match Day Squad

Bayonne # Clermont
Cheikh Tiberghien 15 Thomas Roziere
Arnaud Erbinartegaray 14 Joris Jurand
Guillaume Martocq 13 Leon Darricarrere
Federico Mori 12 Pierre Fouyssac
Remy Baget 11 Alivereti Raka
Camille Lopez 10 Ben Urdapilleta
Maxime Machenaud 9 Baptiste Jauneau
Matis Perchaud 1 Giorgi Beria
Vincent Giudicelli 2 Yohan Beheregaray
Luke Tagi 3 Rabah Slimani
Denis Marchois 4 Thibaud Lanen
Thomas Ceyte 5 Rob Simmons
Remi Bourdeau 6 Killian Tixeront
Arthur Iturria 7 Marcos Kremer
Uzair Cassiem 8 Fritz Lee
Facundo Bosch 16 Robin Couly
Swan Cormenier 17 Daniel Bibi Biziwu
Manuel Leindekar Virginio 18 Tomas Lavanini
Baptiste Heguy 19 Peceli Yato
Gela Aprasidze 20 Lucas Dessaigne
Thomas Dolhagaray 21 Theo Giral
Aurelien Callandret 22 Alex Newsome
Tevita Tatafu 23 Cristian Ojovan

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