Bayonne vs Oyonnax

When's the game on?

Bayonne play Oyonnax on Sunday 29 May at 11:45. The Pro D2 game is to be held at Stade Jean Dauger.

Where's the match on TV?

This game is not shown on TV in the UK, Ireland or USA

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch Bayonne play Oyonnax anywhere in the world.

Who's going to win?

Bayonne are predicted to win by 7 points at a probability of 73.8%.

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Match Day Squad

Bayonne # Oyonnax
Gaetan Germain 15 Aurelien Callandret
Joe Ravouvou 14 Darren Sweetnam
Sireli Maqala 13 Theo Millet
Isaia Toeava 12 Gabiriele Lovobalavu
Remy Baget 11 Enzo Reybier
Thomas Dolhagaray 10 Jules Soulan
Guillaume Rouet 9 Charlie Cassang
Swan Cormenier 1 Tommy Raynaud
Torsten van Jaarsveld 2 Teddy Durand
Tevita Tatafu 3 Thomas Laclayat
Mariano Galarza 4 Tom Murday
Konstantine Mikautadze 5 Manuel Leindekar Virginio
Asier Usarraga Latierro 6 Kevin Lebreton
Baptiste Heguy 7 Etienne Herjean
Uzair Cassiem 8 Rory Grice
Maxime Delonca 16 Manu Leiataua
Matis Perchaud 17 Adrien Bordenave
Denis Marchois 18 Valentin Ursache
Jean Monribot 19 Loic Credoz
Shaun Venter 20 Theo Nanette
Maxime Lafage 21 Justin Bouraux
Yann David 22 Pedro Bettencourt
Luc Mousset 23 Thibault Berthaud

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