Portugal vs Belgium

When's the game on?

Portugal play Belgium on Saturday 4 February at 13:00. The Rugby Europe Championship game is to be held at CAR Jamor.

Previous Results:

54 Portugal
17 Belgium

2023 Rugby Europe Championship - 04 Feb 2023

23 Portugal
17 Belgium

2020 Rugby Europe Championship - 01 Feb 2020

29 Belgium
18 Portugal

2017 Rugby Europe Championship Play-Off - 20 May 2017

26 Portugal
21 Belgium

2016 Men's Internationals - 12 Nov 2016

6 Belgium
19 Portugal

2014 European Nations Cup, Division 1A - 22 Feb 2014

Where's the match on TV?

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch Portugal play Belgium anywhere in the world.

Who's going to win?

Portugal are predicted to win by 30 points at a probability of 94.2%.

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Match Day Squad

Portugal # Belgium
Nuno Sousa Guedes 15 Jordan Gott
Vincent Pinto 14 Dazzy Cornez
Jose Lima 13 Florian Remue
Tomas Appleton 12 Jens Torfs
Rodrigo Marta 11 Victor Andre
Jeromino Portela 10 Henri Dequenne
Joao Belo 9 Julien Berger
David Costa 1 Bruno Vliegen
Duarte Diniz 2 Thomas Dienst
Diogo H Ferreira 3 Maxime Jadot
Jose Duarte Madeira 4 Guillaume Mortier
Jose R Andrade 5 Chris Baudry
Joao Granate 6 Maximilien Hendrickx
Nicolas Martins 7 Toon Deceuninck
Thibault De Freitas 8 Thomas Demolder
Antonio Santos 16 Lucas Sotteau
Lionel Campergue 17 Alexis Cuffolo
Pierre Fernandes 18 Romain Pinte
Martim Belo 19 Robin Vermeersch
Rafael Simoes 20 Hugues Bastin
Pedro Lucas 21 Timothe Rifon
Antonio Vidinha 22 Viktor Pazgrat
Manuel Pinto 23 Hugo De Francq

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