Grenoble vs Carcassonne

When's the game on?

Grenoble play Carcassonne on Friday 22 April at 13:30. The Pro D2 game is to be held at Stade Des Alpes.

Where's the match on TV?

This game is not shown on TV in the UK, Ireland or USA

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch Grenoble play Carcassonne anywhere in the world.

Who's going to win?

Carcassonne are predicted to win by 3 points at a probability of 64.4%.

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Match Day Squad

Grenoble # Carcassonne
Ange Capuozzo 15 Maxime Gianet
Lucas Dupont 14 Martin Dulon
Atu Manu 13 Emmanuel Vaitulukina
Bautista Ezcurra 12 Guillaume Martocq
Karim Qadiri 11 Sione Tui
Romain Barthelemy 10 Johnny McPhillips
Felipe Ezcurra 9 Samuel Marques
Zurabi Zhvania 1 Andrei Ursache
Yanis Gimenez 2 Thomas Sauveterre
Toma Taufa 3 Aurelien Azar
Jose Duarte Madeira 4 Romain Manchia
Levi Douglas 5 Rynard Landman
Marnus Schoeman 6 Pierre Huguet
Steeve Blanc-Mappaz 7 Christiaan van der Merwe
Tanginoa Halaifonua 8 Clement Doumenc
Enzo Camilleri 16 Raphael Carbou
Luka Goginava 17 Thierry Futeu
Thomas Lainault 18 Come Joussain
Thibault Martel 19 Maxime Castant
Jeremy Valencot 20 Pierre Reynaud
Corentin Glenat 21 Damien Anon
Julien Farnoux 22 Baptiste Mouchous
Regis Montagne 23 Julien Facundo

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