Colomiers vs Montauban

When's the game on?

Colomiers play Montauban on Friday 26 April at 13:30. The Pro D2 game is to be held at Stade Michel Bendichou.

Where's the match on TV?

This game is not shown on TV in the UK, Ireland or USA

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch Colomiers play Montauban anywhere in the world.

Who's going to win?

Colomiers are predicted to win by 19 points at a probability of 89.5%.

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Match Day Squad

Colomiers # Montauban
Thomas Girard 15 Simeon Soenen
Paul Pimienta 14 Josua Vici
Martin Dulon 13 Yvan Reilhac
Fabien Perrin 12 Dan Goggin
Rodrigo Marta 11 Stephane Ahmed
Brett Herron 10 Tedo Abzhandadze
Ugo Seguela 9 Shaun Venter
Thomas Dubois 1 Lucas Seyrolle
Toma Kolokilagi 2 Kevin Firmin
Hugo Pirlet 3 Tietie Tuimauga
Jean Thomas 4 Karl Wilkins
Jack Whetton 5 Kevin Gimeno
Joe Tamani 6 Killian Ringuet
Aldric Lescure 7 Stephane Munoz
Romain Bezian 8 Otari Giorgadze
Andrew Ready 16 German Kessler
Pierre-Emmanuel Pacheco 17 Nicolas Agnesi
Louis Descoux 18 Dimitri Vaotoa
Jorick Dastugue 19 Noa Kanika
Jeremy Bechu 20 Corentin Coularis
Mathis Galthié 21 Alexis Bernadet
Max Auriac 22 Simon Renda
Michael Simutoga 23 Victor Delmas

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