Colomiers vs Valence Romans

When's the game on?

Colomiers play Valence Romans on Friday 17 May at 15:00. The Pro D2 game is to be held at Stade Michel Bendichou.

Where's the match on TV?

This game is not shown on TV in the UK, Ireland or USA

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch Colomiers play Valence Romans anywhere in the world.

Who's going to win?

Colomiers are predicted to win by 14 points at a probability of 85.4%.

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Match Day Squad

Colomiers # Valence Romans
Max Auriac 15 Joris Moura
Valentine Saurs 14 Adam Vargas
Fabien Perrin 13 Ben Neiceru
Baptiste Serrano 12 Matthew Guillomot
Rodrigo Marta 11 Noe Perret-Tourlonias
Maxime Javaux 10 Lucas Meret
Edoardo Gori 9 Leopold Dupas
Thomas Dubois 1 Andréa Pontanier
Andrew Ready 2 Cyril Deligny
Hugo Pirlet 3 Gareth Milasinovich
Maxime Granouillet 4 Eloi Massot
Alexandre Manukula 5 Darrell Dyer
Anthony Coletta 6 Adrian Roux
Jorick Dastugue 7 Matthieu Vachon
Romain Bezian 8 Ioane Iashagashvili
Guillaume Tartas 16 Chris Talakai
Hugo Djehi 17 Anthony Aleo
Jean Thomas 18 Yassine Maamry
Paolo Parpagiola 19 Sven Bernat Girlando
Dorian Laborde 20 Tim Menzel
Ugo Seguela 21 Esteban Tercq
Brett Herron 22 George Worth
Michael Simutoga 23 Mathis Roume

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