Wales Women vs France Women

When's the game on?

Wales Women play France Women on Sunday 21 April at 10:15. The Women's 6 Nations game is to be held at Cardiff Arms Park.

Previous Results:

39 France
14 Wales

2023 Women's Six Nations - 23 Apr 2023

5 Wales
33 France

2022 Women's Six Nations - 22 Apr 2022

53 France
0 Wales

2021 Women's Six Nations - 03 Apr 2021

0 Wales
50 France

2020 Women's Six Nations - 23 Feb 2020

52 France
3 Wales

2019 Women's Six Nations - 02 Feb 2019

Where's the match on TV?

United Kingdom:


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Who's going to win?

France Women are predicted to win by 19 points at a probability of 90.8%.

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Match Day Squad

Wales Women # France Women
Kayleigh Powell 15 Emilie Boulard
Cath Richards 14 Joanna Grisez
Hannah Jones 13 Chloe Jacquet
Carys Cox 12 Gabrielle Vernier
Courtney Keight 11 Anne-Cecile Ciofani
Lleucu George 10 Lina Queyroi
Sian Jones 9 Pauline Bourdon Sansus
Gwenllian Pyrs 1 Annaelle Deshayes
Carys Phillips 2 Agathe Sochat
Sisilia Tuipulotu 3 Assia Khalfaoui
Natalia John 4 Manae Feleu
Abbie Fleming 5 Charlotte Escudero
Alisha Butchers 6 Romane Menager
Alex Callender 7 Emeline Gros
Georgia Evans 8 Teani Feleu
Molly Reardon 16 Elisa Riffoneau
Abbey Constable 17 Ambre Mwayembe
Donna Rose 18 Clara Joyeux
Kate Williams 19 Madoussou Fall
Gwennan Hopkins 20 Gaelle Hermet
Keira Bevan 21 Lea Champon
Mollie Wilkinson 22 Lina Tuy
Jasmine Joyce 23 Morgane Bourgeois

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