Free Jacks vs Toronto Arrows

When's the game on?

Free Jacks play Toronto Arrows on Saturday 27 May at 16:00. The Major League Rugby game is to be held at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Previous Results:

33 Toronto Arrows
18 Free Jacks

MLR - 19 May 2022

21 Free Jacks
15 Toronto Arrows

MLR - 12 Mar 2022

17 Toronto Arrows
28 Free Jacks

MLR - 11 Jul 2021

14 Free Jacks
12 Toronto Arrows

MLR - 29 May 2021

Where's the match on TV?

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch Free Jacks play Toronto Arrows anywhere in the world.

Who's going to win?

Free Jacks are predicted to win by 35 points at a probability of 92.1%.

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Match Day Squad

Free Jacks # Toronto Arrows
Beaudein Waaka 15 Shane O Leary
Mitch Wilson 14 Ciaran Breen
Ben LeSage 13 Tautalatasi Tasi
Le Roux Malan 12 Liam Bowman
Taniela Filimone 11 Kobe Faust
Jayson Potroz 10 Peter Nelson
Kieran McClea 9 Will Grant
Kianu Kereru-Symes 1 Connor Grindal
Millennium Sanerivi 2 Jose Ramon Ayarza
Tevita Sole 3 Tyler Rowland
Semisi Paea 4 Mason Flesch
Reegan O’Gorman 5 Shay Kerry
Mitchell Jacobson 6 Lucas Rumball
Slade McDowall 7 Owain Ruttan
Wian Conradie 8 Travis Larsen
Andrew Quattrin 16 Jack McRogers
Kyle Ciquera 17 Nik Hildebrand
Conor Young 18 Conan O Donnell
Conor Keys 19 Hank Stevenson
Cam Davidowicz 20 James O’Neill
Holden Yungert 21 Cole Brown
Spencer Jones 22 Dawson Fatoric
Isaac OIson 23 D Shawn Bowen

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