Newcastle vs Harlequins

When's the game on?

Newcastle play Harlequins on Friday 5 January at 14:45. The Premiership game is to be held at Kingston Park.

Previous Results:

31 Newcastle
40 Harlequins

Premiership - 10 Sep 2022

24 Harlequins
10 Newcastle

Premiership - 04 Mar 2022

20 Newcastle
26 Harlequins

Premiership - 19 Sep 2021

54 Harlequins
26 Newcastle

Premiership - 12 Jun 2021

25 Newcastle
22 Harlequins

Premiership - 27 Feb 2021

Where's the match on TV?

United Kingdom:


United States:

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Who's going to win?

Harlequins are predicted to win by 10 points at a probability of 78.9%.

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Match Day Squad

Newcastle # Harlequins
Tom Penny 15 Tyrone Green
Adam Radwan 14 Nick David
George Wacokecoke 13 Oscar Beard
Jordan Holgate 12 Andre Esterhuizen
Iwan Stephens 11 Cameron Anderson
Brett Connon 10 Will Edwards
James Elliott 9 Will Porter
Phil Brantingham 1 Fin Baxter
Bryan Byrne 2 Jack Walker
Eduardo Bello 3 Will Collier
Sebastian De Chaves 4 Irne Herbst
Kiran McDonald 5 George Hammond
Pedro Rubiolo 6 Ross Chisholm
Guy Pepper 7 William Evans
Callum Chick 8 Alex Dombrandt
Michael van Vuuren 16 Sam Riley
Adam Brocklebank 17 Jordan Els
Murray McCallum 18 Lovejoy Chawatama
Tim Cardall 19 Joe Launchbury
Philip van der Walt 20 Chandler Cunningham-South
Josh Barton 21 Max Green
Louie Johnson 22 Lennox Anyanwu
Elliott Obatoyinbo 23 Louis Lynagh

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