Loughborough Lightning vs Harlequins Women

When's the game on?

Loughborough Lightning play Harlequins Women on Saturday 18 May at 09:00. The Women's Premiership game is to be held at cinch Stadium at Franklins Gardens.

Where's the match on TV?

This game is not shown on TV in the UK, Ireland or USA

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch Loughborough Lightning play Harlequins Women anywhere in the world.

Match Day Squad

Loughborough Lightning # Harlequins Women
Lia Green 15 Ella Cromack
Georgina Tasker 14 Jade Mullen
Emily Scarratt 13 Izzy Mayhew
Carmella Morrall 12 Lagi Tuima
Bo Westcombe Evans 11 Lisa Neumann
Helen Nelson 10 Emily Scott
Lucy Weaver 9 Lucy Packer
Katie Trevarthen 1 Jessie Spurrier
Maja Meuller 2 Carys Phillips
Laura Keates 3 Babalwa Latsha
Emma Wassell 4 Danelle Lochner
Cath O Donnell 5 Abbie Fleming
Rachel Malcolm 6 Shaunagh Brown
Sadia Kabeya 7 Emily Robinson
Daisy Hibbert-Jones 8 Jade Konkel-Roberts
Lucy Calladine 16 Silvia Turani
A Williams 17 Sheree Cooper
Isla Curphey 18 Hannah Duffy
Abby Duguid 19 Ciara Cooney
Kendall Waudby 20 Aseza Hele
Sally Williams 21 Flo Robinson
Meg Davey 22 Rachael Burford
Freya GreenSmith 23 Amy Layzell

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