Loughborough Lightning vs Saracens Women

When's the game on?

Loughborough Lightning play Saracens Women on Sunday 2 June at 10:00. The Women's Premiership game is to be held at cinch Stadium at Franklins Gardens.

Where's the match on TV?

United Kingdom:


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Match Day Squad

Loughborough Lightning # Saracens Women
Chloe Rollie 15 Sarah McKenna
Bulou Mataitoga 14 Coreen Grant
Emily Scarratt 13 Sydney Gregson
Helen Nelson 12 Sophie Bridger
Bo Westcombe Evans 11 Paige Farries
Helena Rowland 10 Zoe Harrison
Meg Davey 9 Leanne Infante
Isla Curphey 1 Carmen Tremelling
Kathryn Treder 2 Bryony Field
Laura Keates 3 Donna Rose
Lilli Ives Campion 4 Louise McMillan
Abby Duguid 5 Emma Taylor
Rachel Malcolm 6 Georgia Evans
Sadia Kabeya 7 Sharifa Kasolo
Daisy Hibbert-Jones 8 Sophie de Goede
Maja Meuller 16 May Campbell
Amelia Williams 17 Chloe Flanagan
Tiwaah Adjei-Ansere 18 Kelsey Clifford
Cath O Donnell 19 Fiona McIntosh
Hallie Taufoou 20 Grace Moore
Jenny Maxwell 21 Tori Sellors
Molly Green 22 Amelia MacDougall
Ellen Scantlebury 23 Isla Alejandro

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