USA vs Romania

When's the game on?

USA play Romania on Friday 5 July at 19:59. The International Friendlies game is to be held at SeatGeek Stadium.

Previous Results:

5 Romania
31 USA

2018 Men's Internationals - 17 Nov 2018

23 Romania
10 USA

2016 USA Tour (ROM/ESP) - 12 Nov 2016

17 Romania
27 USA

2014 USA Tour (FJI/ROM/TON) - 08 Nov 2014

3 Romania
34 USA

2012 IRB International Rugby Series - 24 Nov 2012

22 Romania
28 USA

2005 Superpowers Cup - 29 May 2005

Where's the match on TV?

This game is not shown on TV in the UK, Ireland or USA

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch USA play Romania anywhere in the world.

Who's going to win?

USA are predicted to win by 25 points at a probability of 76.6%.

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Match Day Squad

USA # Romania
Mitch Wilson 15 Paul Popoaia
Christian Dyer 14 Marius Simionescu
Tavite Lopeti 13 Mihai Graure
Tommaso Boni 12 Jason Tomane
Nate Augspurger 11 Tevita Manumua
AJ MacGinty 10 Hinckley Vaovasa
Juan-Philip (JP) Smith 9 Alin Conache
Jake Turnbull 1 Iulian Hartig
Dylan Fawsitt 2 Stefan Marko Buruiana
Paul Mullen 3 Vasile Balan
Renger van Eerten 4 Yanis Horvat
Greg Peterson 5 Andrei Mahu
Sam Golla 6 Vlad Neculau
Jamason Fa anana Schultz 7 Dragos Ser
Thomas Tu avao 8 Jacob Immelman
Mike Sosene-Feagai 16 Robert Irimescu
Nathan Sylvia 17 Alexandru Savin
Kaleb Geiger 18 Cosmin Manole
Vili Helu 19 Marius Iftimiciuc
Ben Bonasso 20 Kamil Sobota
Paddy Ryan 21 Gabriel Rupanu
Luke Carty 22 Fonovai Tangimana
Bryce Campbell 23 Daniel Plai

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