SD Legion vs Utah Warriors

When's the game on?

SD Legion play Utah Warriors on Sunday 21 April at 18:00. The Major League Rugby game is to be held at Snapdragon Stadium.

Previous Results:

25 Utah Warriors
40 SD Legion

MLR - 01 Apr 2022

31 SD Legion
29 Utah Warriors

MLR - 06 Feb 2022

45 Utah Warriors
41 SD Legion

MLR - 12 Jun 2021

31 SD Legion
29 Utah Warriors

MLR - 17 Apr 2021

29 SD Legion
36 Utah Warriors

MLR - 21 Mar 2021

Where's the match on TV?

Out of the country? Make sure to sign up to NordVPN to ensure you can still watch SD Legion play Utah Warriors anywhere in the world.

Who's going to win?

SD Legion are predicted to win by 9 points at a probability of 75.1%.

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Match Day Squad

SD Legion # Utah Warriors
Mike Te o 15 Caleb Makene
Matai Leuta 14 Michael Manson
Tiaan Loots 13 Mika Kruse
Ma a Nonu 12 Paul Lasike
Ryan James 11 Joe Mano
Lincoln McClutchie 10 Joel Hodgson
Connor Tupai 9 Zion Going
Payton Telea-Ilaio 1 Franco van den Berg
Chris Mickelson 2 Nic Souchon
Darcy Breen 3 Angus MacLellan
Jay Tuivaiti 4 Matthew Jensen
Greg Peterson 5 Saia Uhila
Vili Helu 6 Frank Lochore
Blair Cowan 7 Dylan Nel
Tevita Tameilau 8 Thomas Tu avao
Cyrille Cama 16 Phil Bradford
Nathan Sylvia 17 Emerson Prior
Luke Green 18 Paul Mullen
Charlie Hewitt 19 Onehunga Havili
Brendan Amiatu-Tanoi 20 Brodie Wilson
Danny Christensen 21 Kieran McClea
Alex Horan 22 Robbie Povey
Ethan Grayson 23 Alexander Pohla-Murray

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